America’s 2016 choice now: President Trump or Civil War

This is the post excerpt.


The below is my missive to Ohio Attorney Cliff Arnebeck. He and others have been filing legal challenges since this summer, hoping to make the case that Senator Bernie Sanders had the 2016 Democratic nomination literally stolen from him due to electronic voting machine tampering.

I hope to feature soon , Mr. Arnebeck on RADIO ZEITGEIST.


I am of the hope to have an opportunity to interview you on the topic
of the 2016 Election generally, and on the progress of the legal
challenges you, Bob Fitrakis, and others have filed this year.

I feel in my ‘heart of hearts’ Mr. Arnebeck, that the only real
choices left this election year are now: President Trump or imminent
civil war.

This below is from my writer friend: JH Kunstler:

‘I say this with the understanding that political systems are emergent
phenomena with the primary goal of maintaining their control on the
agencies of power at all costs. That is, it’s natural for a polity to
fight for its own survival. But the fact that the US polity now so
desperately has to fight for survival shows how frail its legitimacy
is. It wouldn’t take much to shove it off a precipice into a new kind
of civil war much more confusing and irresolvable than the one we went
through in the 1860s.”

The ‘healthy’ populism of Sen Sanders has been scuttled by the
blatantly unethical behavior of the Democratic Party.

A simmering, seething resentment is brewing Cliff- among Hillary’s:
‘Basket of Deplorables’.

My biggest unknown now is how a hypothetical Trump challenge- should
he lose to Sec. Clinton-  intersect with the work you and Bob, others
are engaged in and how this whole drama plays out between the
‘well-intentioned’ Never Trump crowd and the scores of working class
and middle class folks left behind by 40 yrs of Neo-Liberalism’

It is at last clear to them, they have nowhere to go.

Michael Moore recently told Chuck Todd he feared the polls were
missing those who- too embarrassed to admit their level of disgust
this year at the ‘Establishment’ -were waiting quietly to throw ‘a
Molotov Cocktail’ at Washington.

My fear is that if Hillary wins; one day soon -with the well
established evidence of how much American Democracy is suffering from
a ‘rigged system’ , a symbolic cocktail may just not feel like a
strong enough protest any longer.


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