RADIO ZEITGEIST: The Art of Critical Thinking and Respectful Discourse

A defining notion that will be come back to again and again on Radio Zeitgeist is:

When traditional conservative values succeed in making a safe, secure
society; liberal values have just been made – not only possible -but

Tom Friedley’s Radio Zeitgeist will in an engaging and lively ,yet scholarly manner, examine the most pressing issues of today’s ever more complex world.

A strong emphasis will be placed on the long tradition of the Socratic Method that lies at the root of all major advances in Science, Law and Medicine of the past 2500 years.

This early 21st Century American culture with its historically unprecedented access to information made possible by the Internet ;has been cut with a double-edged sword.

Long forgotten- it at times seems -is the idea that there are things
called: facts, opinions and justified beliefs.

They can not, must not be confused with one another. Some illustrations:

Ninety-seven percent of all qualified academics within the community
of scientists studying Global Climate change have concluded that is is
real and caused by humanity.


A theologian from Southern California published a book not long after
the Sept. 11 attacks arguing a case for the structural and
metallurgical evidence to conclude it was an ‘Inside Job’.

PURE SPECULATION. He has no academic credibility to weigh in on this
topic, he studies and teaches religious thought.

Using the best of The Western and Eastern Philosophical Canons; Tom as
both an issue facilitator and Professor of the Airwaves will dig down
deep to look for robust solutions in an attempt to find common ground
where -at first -there exists only radically divergent world-views.

Turn on any broadcast media of any sort in 2016 and you will not be
able to avoid a business model Tom refers to as: ‘Outrage Porn’.

It exists as a natural outgrowth from the old print newspaper maxim:
If It Bleeds, it Leads.

Tune- for instance- into Comcast’s MSNBC and The Rachel Maddow Show;
to listen to the latest outrage by Rush Limbaugh aimed at President
Barack Obama.

Tune into Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News; and get an equal dose of
invective pointed at The Democratic Party’s plot to disarm the
American Public and clear a path to a Socialist Utopia.

While it is true enough; that many Americans do understand- in an
intuitive fashion- the importance of giving their neighbors a fair
hearing- even when this hearing may offend their deepest moral
sensibilities- most still seem to lack the ability to see past their
own ‘political tribe’, enough to come to agreement.

Mr. Friedley having just been made the Global Communication Director
for The Center for Human Emergence is well situated for the
aforementioned task.

The Center is a Non Profit dedicated to working in all this planet’s
major hot spots bringing peace and harmony where the people their have
only known -sometimes for generations- violence and discord. South
Africa. Palestine. The Ukraine is on deck now for 2016.

Tom has become through 15 years of rigorous study a leading advocate
for a social psychological discipline that has come to be known as:

The Social Science that is SPIRAL DYNAMICS represents forty years of
unassailable academic rigor and thirty years of field research.

Radio Zeitgeist will -of course -regularly feature a call-in format.

One of Tom’s greatest concerns is an increasingly disturbing national
trend among America’s current academic milieu. The ‘politically
correct’ phenomenon of the ‘Safe Space’ and the alleged rhetorical
slight called the ‘Micro-Aggression’ are ruling the day.

Up and coming young conservative voice Ben Shapiro is now being banned
from some Colleges and Universities for ‘hate speech’ because his
provocative but well thought out positions on race relations some find

If the American academic climate remains in this state where anything
less than a consistent Socratic commitment to the free exchange of
different ideas is not soon addressed; this nation will have little
chance successfully navigating what lies ahead.

Imagine- if you will -a heated exchange between Fox News feature and
Trump booster Milwaukee Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. and Alicia Garza:
a leading voice within the Black Lives Matter movement.

Mr. Friedley will have an opportunity to illustrate a ‘Vital Center’
[SDi refers to it as] between the conservative perspective with its
emphasis on the behavior of an individual and the liberal or
progressive view which typically concentrates on exterior social

Controversy for its own sake only breeds more of the same.

Radio Zeitgeist will use controversy to stimulate, enlighten and
hopefully create the ‘True Safe Space’ where real solutions can find
root and grow.


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