On Election 2016, Ken Wilber, and the ‘Integral Zombies’

Ken Wilber is such a hero to me, I can barely find the words.

Having said this, after being sent a recent Raquel Torrent piece on Wilber; I feel a burning need, to check-in with the below.

Election 2016:

American ‘Neo-Liberalism’ with its focus on a GREEN multi-cultural
inclusion [Stronger Together] and its yoking this to long-discredited
‘free-market’ dogma [unhealthy ORANGE ‘innovation’] is to blame for
the rise of Bill Clinton’s frequent golf buddy as our President Elect.
This 2016 campaign season had exhibited a ‘fire in the belly’ populist
tone; beginning in the spring of 2015.

I will suggest here -to any of we ‘Second Tier’ observers, that the
first time Sen Bernie Sanders turned out a [red/GREEN] crowd of 28,000
in a Madison, Wisconsin stadium,in May or June of 2015, the ‘novelty’
of a 2016 political chaos was clearly ‘off the charts’.

That this notion had been so opaque; to the entire ORANGE/GREEN
mainstream pundit-o-cracy; living in the bubble of a NYC/DC ‘Media
Amen Chorus’: I find quite entertaining and more than a little

And now on to Ken. I have been following his work since 1995.

I first came across his:”Sex, Ecology and Spirituality”: it was
nothing less than an epiphany for me. I could not put in down for
days, until I devoured every word in it. End-notes and all.

I have since also devoured most of his other works: ‘Grace and Grit’, twice.

I only include all this detail as a preface to- I believe- my justified
and increasingly critical view of Ken and his Boulder, Colorado

This recent Raquel Torrent piece on Wilber; YIKES, but where do I begin!?  Rather than review the entire mess; I will zero in on a point or two, of how Ken: ‘force of nature’, brilliant, for sure; is at the very least- naive politically.

To wit:

Wilber: “Hillary has an enormous amount of experience but her politics
from the beginning have been highly tilted not really to integrative
stands but to a sort of extreme lefties point of view.”

I will first note that her ‘experience’ had been overrated. The fact that she was
acting out of the infamous ‘Clinton Rules’ [rules are only for we
‘Prole’s’] in spewing U.S. state secrets for God only knows how long is
unforgivable. Her IT configuration was both unprecedented; and at
least in the case of that Blackberry: Verboten. She had been warned.
Lucky for her Obama was more concerned with his legacy than justice

As to the ‘extreme leftie’ thing, in a word: Nonsense. I decided long
ago: ‘far-left’? GREEN with cranky RED: ‘Revolution Now!’

Ken ,have you ever even read: SPIRAL DYNAMICS!? I found my copy on Amazon ‘used’ for $16.00 plus shipping.

I can loan it to you. Just ask.

Hillary Clinton  -far from exhibiting a GREEN center- is a dyed- in
-wool mendacious ORANGE opportunist. [‘I’m With Her’] GREEN provides
her cover.[breaking the Ultimate Glass-Ceiling’]  Look to the widely
published WikiLeaks 2016 exposes for confirmation. The Democratic
Party infrastructure-at least as it is currently constituted- is no

And lest anyone forget; when a President Bill Clinton de-coupled ORANGE
‘Innovation’ from BLUE ‘Truth Force’ with the signing of the
‘Securities Modernization Act’ it only took less than three decades to
seize-up GLOBAL credit markets, no? The dutiful wife offering him up
as her ‘economic adviser’!? Fool me once.

I’m with Her? We, the ‘Basket of Deplorables’ thought differently.
Yes, Tom the ‘BernieCrat’ here, voted GOP for the first time in my 58 years.

The GOP came by President Spray-Tan honestly. The Democrats? Please!

“The problem with integral practitioners is that they have relegated
this entire Gravesian conception to a “values line”,..” comments Said Dawlabani of the MEMEnomics Group in an ‘Integral Critique’ not long ago.

I found an old YouTube of Ken. The context was of how a robust
ethical/moral stance will be so Integral to our future. That these
v-MEMEs as I took it to mean, were so vital in getting ‘correct’; in
that we are literally laying down future habits.

Uh, ‘cheat to Win?’ No thank you, Mr. Wilber.

Said had also mused that:”..Integral Theory is mostly
philosophical/Intellectual and out of touch with political, economic
and social reality. Its elitist views are rarely applied to solve
problems in a First Tier world. Because of their thin, elitist, and
personal growth focused nature they can easily become closed systems
that only embolden the very shadow they’re trying to come to terms

In my experience with the only ‘Integral Salon’ I have been a part of ,here in Austin,Texas, the focus ALWAYS seems on be on the [upper left of AQAL map] the interior space of the
practitioners. [123 Shadow Work, etc] On occasion maybe talk turns to
home, family, co-workers, or Austin at large. [lower left AQAL] I have
not attended one for sometime now; it got to be a little frustrating
being the sole advocate for any foray into the right/exterior side of

A funny aside: a GREEN woman- who shall remain nameless here -once
scolded me , for posting a reference to Dr Don Beck; on this groups ’email
listserv’. I had to explain to her these missives were hardly out of
bounds in a listserv named “spiral-dynamics-63′.

You cant make stuff this funny up.

Is it more funny than Ken’s past associations with say: Adi Da, Andrew Cohen, or in citing his influence on a now past President; whose economic policies were no small part of drying up funding for some of Mr. Wilber’s pet projects?

I am here made mindful of a writer friend’s: ‘Law of Perverse Outcomes’.


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