In the Spirit of this Winter Solstice season; I wish to offer up a tale tonight to my Sisters and Brothers so authentically passionate concerning the subject of #BlackLivesMatter. Here in my home of Austin, Texas- only minutes ago- I was approached by an officer of APD [Austin Police Dept.] and asked ‘out of the blue’ to speak softer and I quote “..move around..”. The dear friend that had stepped away for a moment- missing this whole exchange -asked why I had missed an opportunity to- having been ‘innocent’ of anything- make an issue of this. I told him that having observed this officer; who had just driven up near this friend’s apt. complex to- I suspect- investigate some complaint- looked like a man needing to do something. I let him do something. I answered something like: ‘Right On, God Bless’ and he returned to his squad car and left.


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