Who will be the successor to Noam Chomsky?

It doesn’t necessarily have to be an academic with the intellectual capacity to take forward the ideas of how societies are best served that have been articulated by Dr Chomsky. Just someone who understands the nature of power and the potential of abuse of power when unrestrained. I think Glenn Greenwald might be that person. I saw them together on stage one time and their arguments, though different in perspective, were seamless.

Tom replies:
We do not need more endless explorations of the numerous horrors humans have visited on other humans, as our species traces its evolutionary trajectory. No more prizes for predicting the rain, only prizes for building the ark. Chomsky, suffering from the limitations of his reducing all to the power relations between individuals within societies, as his ilk typically does; misses the telos at work here. One day I hope to square off with him on how wrong he is in his estimation of the work of GWF Hegel. His refusal to acknowledge a world-process [i.e. Spirit] at play here, for me, is what leads to his never-ending iterations on E Timor, US power, etc, without ever giving any practical advise, on reaching a more equitable humankind.


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