Will the ushering in of a New Age require any: Übermensch of Kallipolis?

Ken Wilber, for sure, is a brilliant force of nature. Like most of us though, he also suffers from some ,on occasion, blind-spots in his awareness of self. This is becoming evident to more than a few of us, the author of this below piece, included:


I chose this piece for its deferential, yet critical tone. Look for me to take a similar tone as I begin the long work of getting, to the degree I am able,  two particular camps to form a healthy synergy. ‘Integral Folks’ and those of us committed to exploring the developmental and more academically rigorous legacy of the late Dr Claire W Graves.[Dr Don Beck’s old scholar partner] have, I very much believe ,no less than the keys that will unlock the future of humankind.

I intend to devote a large part of my remaining life , and new media brand, to this task. radiozeitgeist.com/


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