On the ‘dangerous folly’ of reducing the ‘complex’ ..to ‘single cause.’


“GOOD WORK..all who turned out for last weekends mass-actions directed
towards ending the tragic loss of lives; cut short by the
heart-breaking actions of all too common human malevolence.

I, it should be added, include those of my fellow Americans who joined
said free-speech actions, as a counter,  reminding  us all; of the
importance of BOTH the First and Second Amendments.

I was too busy, in part due to a business interruption caused by human
malevolence, directed at me several days earlier. Getting caught-up,
proved to be more vital, than trotting the few blocks down the street,
to Austin City Hall complex, and gathering some digital audio, to
produce a show on this fractious issue

Look for it though; in next several days. In the meantime, here is
what my observations would have been to all those present.

You with the 2nd Amendment folks and AR15s slung over a shoulder,
SHAME ON YOU. If any of you pot-bellied arrested adolescence’s, were
to show up to a restaurant like this, ANYONE, with a head screwed on
right, and their kids in tow, would and should freak!

TO ALL THE [Please Stop All Gun Violence Forever!!] crowd..I hope I
can, in time, peel off a few of you ,to join me in a real, and true
‘Integral Response’ to gun deaths, in this following manner.

I, when able, plan to initiate a new national plan to address these
tragic life losses beginning in Americas inner-cities,

A Marshall Plan of sorts it shall be. Imagine folks like Sen Bernie
Sanders and Dr Cornel West, on hand, in Chicago, let’s say, to
advocate for infrastructure spending, in service of providing ‘Living
Wage’ supporting work, to all those who will [with only a GED] even,
apply for them.

And now, without checking even, the bit, my above listed
‘Left-Progressive’ people are less likely to want to listen to.

KABC-LA radio’s Larry Elder , Colin Powell, maybe Dr Ben Carson even,
to advocate for -for brevity’s sake here- the “OK..Stop blaming
slavery, racism, white supremacy, or for that
matter….ANYTHING,,,ANYONE, apart from you…YOURSELF, for a your
‘hard life’!

The social science literature on U.S. poverty, is in, for sometime
more…IT IS NOT JUST OK TO ‘SNITCH’ on your ‘black’ or ANY other
‘neighbors’ ..IT IS YOUR DUTY….Silly!!”


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