RADIO ZEITGEIST and the Gravesian ‘Bio-Psycho-Social’ Systems Theory

How Are Conservative And Liberal Brains Different?

Your own ‘political proclivities’ constitute a ‘cognitive bias’.
Ditto, for your neighbors.

In psychological literature the now widely applicable personality
metric: ‘Big Five Aspect’ scale, for instance, constantly draws
correlations between ‘Left-Liberal-Progressive’ and trait: Openness
and Agreeableness.

Those who self-identify on the other hand as ‘Conservative’ display
typically trait:Conscientiousness and Orderliness.

I hope it is by now, more than obvious, that our long acceptance of a
‘political science’ that always suffered from a ‘reductionist
flatland’ of ‘Left’ vs. ‘Right’ has failed America, and Europe for
that matter, and failed us on an epic scale.

Red State, Blue State; the latest unpacking of the trends in
demographics reveal that the ‘Democratic Party’ voter can now be
parsed, in particular on heels of Election 2016,as a successfully
employed middle-class professional largely concentrated in coastal
cities and only separated from her or his ‘GOP’ leaning neighbors, by
a few thousand dollars in disposable income. [typically the ‘Dem’
being ‘more rich’ than her ‘GOP’ next door neighbor]

What may you ask, constitutes a ‘more high-resolution’ map of our
current political and cultural landscape?

Dr Claire W Graves:
“The psychology of the mature human being is an unfolding, emergent,
oscillating, spiraling process marked by progressive subordination of
older, lower-order behavior systems to newer, higher-order systems as
man’s existential problems change.”

Dr. Graves had been at the funeral of Dr Abraham [Hierarchy of Needs]
Maslow. They had been long time friends and colleagues. Claire had
used Maslow’s vital work as his own baseline, in trying to answer his
oft asked question: What, in fact, constitutes the fully-functional
mature adult human being?

We will do our part here at RADIO ZEITGEIST to both keep Dr Graves
legacy alive, as well as, most importantly, continue to bring his
[r]EVOLUTIONARY lens, to bare on the myriad ‘memetic shifts’ our
collective 2018 world continues to be shaken by.

Dr Don Beck [co-author of SPIRAL DYNAMICS] has devoted his life [since
helping to lay to rest Claire in 1986] to bringing his late friend and
colleague Dr Graves life’s work;  to this planets most fractious
ethnic Diasporas.

The Graves Model (Spiral Dynamics)


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