On the birthing of: Homo Noeticus

einstein level

WE ARE WELL into the Emergence of ‘SECOND TIER’ consciousness. The fractious, and chaotic nature, of otherwise civil society at present; is loaded, is pregnant with a new human. The attendant alchemy for many ;seems as if their world is being ripped apart. If it is, it is no more being ripped apart ,that a mother giving birth. Take responsibility for all your actions, speak only truth as best as you can. GIVE UP ALL ‘Identities’ that cast you as the ‘Good Tribe’ waging a holy war against the ‘Evil Tribe’. BE A DIVINE INDIVIDUAL. There is no Capitalism holding you down. There is no Patriarchy holding you back. There is no Racism crowding you out.

THE ONLY POVERTY that now matters, is the one you may find, while digging down deep within yourself. Learn to disconnect from a ‘Matrix’ of cynical and malevolent others, who have yet to demonstrate, if they ever do, enough courage to at last ;leave ‘Deficient’ or ‘Sustenance’ level identifications in favor of a pure and unapologetic Being in this World for its own sake.


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