NO MORE Mr. Nice Liberal Elite

coming for you MaherLIKE SCORES OF my fellow Americans, I suspect, I just can not watch any late-night television since Nov 8 2016.

It is a shame, in a sense, I had been in years past, such a fan of the comedy writing on Colbert, Seth Meyers and in particular: Bill Maher and his HBO Real Time.

On occasion, I get brave enough to stick my head up, and test the political and cultural winds, in hopes that this sanctimonious and liberal coastal elite has licked their wounds enough to start entertaining again.

Silly me, heart-broken again, I am.

In my defense, Jordan Peterson promoting 12 Rules.. on Maher last Friday was my prime mover on this occasion.

After Bill completed the requisite show-biz ass-kissing “I’m a big fan..” it could not have been more than 4 mins air time before the permanent snark on the well made-up and compensated lips of Maher and his panel, returned.

I give such credit to Dr Peterson. He, if you go look at the Internet only final show segment: ‘Overtime’ can be seen sticking his scholarly toe -jamming it – actually, in the rhetorical pool, in hopes he might come across in a tone like: “Hey, as a Canadian, I have been watching you folks down here since ..Trump, and..”

The panel, Bill in particular ,was not having it. The empty-headed Democratic politico on hand [never mind who this idiot is] even suggested that Jordan, a Doctor and professor of Psychology who had the distinction of teaching at Harvard, right out of grad school, in his 20s would be better off in giving parenting advice that simply assured that your offspring would, upon growing up, ‘..never vote for a Trump or Republicans..”.

Lesson learned. Back to keeping my head down, finish growing my/our new multi-media business, close the national radio syndication deal for RADIO ZEITGEIST, and look forward to broadcast baiting these ‘compassionate progressives’ enough that Bill takes this bait, and invites me, on Real Time.

I am not some brilliant but stereotype ‘nice Canadian’. Not on your life.


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