AMERICAN MEDIA: The American Voter wins, return to being Journalists now.

“A probe by the US House of Representatives Intelligence Committee has found no evidence of collusion between President Donald Trump’s campaign and Russian officials during the 2016 presidential election.”

LIKE IT OR NOT ‘Coastal Liberal Elite’ ..this cynical and dangerous Un-American and Un-Constitutional ploy to overturn the 2016 National Referendum on Free-Market Neo-Liberalism that the duly elected Donald Trump presidency, represents ;now ends.

Chuck Todd Rachel Maddow, Joe Scaroborouh Joy Reid Joy Behar Bill Maher, Alex Wagner pretty much all in fact CNN MSNBC, this corporate national media; you people who have been, will always likely remain free; of the consequences of house-less-ness,over-night shelters food pantries, delayed [if at all] trips to the doctor/dentist re-possession of cars payday lenders choosing between eating and keeping lights on violent assaults committed by illegal immigrants, etc, etc, ..

START THINKING NOW…ABOUT how YOU…YES YOU….FAILED, in your tasks as ‘journalists’ ..letting these ‘free-market externalities’ [Noam Chomsky] ..proliferate for the last 40 yrs since Ronald Reagan.

WHAT WILL YOU NOW….Stand For? Advocacy for an all but disappeared Middle-Class, along with ANY WAY…to even approach it…OR just continue an endless celebration of a divisive Identity Politics, with its First Woman…First Black….First Gender-Fluid etc…



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