Beta Male Rapist: a causal link from Woodstock & Feminism to the #Resistance

al tits

“Please be my Hero”.- SAMANTHA BEE

MY LATEST THEORY: As the 2018 American Culture Wars continue; I may have discovered a vital connecting thread. ‘Traditional Marriage and Family’; having been so excoriated during 30 yrs of ‘feminist theory’ as an oppressive, patriarchal institution, HAS in fact, given way to something else.


The ‘Summer of Love’ set, now long past wearing tie-dye, smoking weed [maybe?] and Woodstock ;have now long since moved into Established [typically Democrat] Power.

I call this phenomena: The ‘BETA MALE RAPIST, and it sounds something like: “OH YES, my ally in the struggle against Donald Trump. HE IS, such a sexist pig! Whatever will come, my lady, of a woman’s right to choose? How can this porn star Stormy at last save us all in the #Resistance ..from his horrid patriarchal fascist reign?

“Oh, BTW ..can I please, feminist sister, pull out my d**k now?”


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