On the ‘dangerous folly’ of reducing the ‘complex’ ..to ‘single cause.’


“GOOD WORK..all who turned out for last weekends mass-actions directed
towards ending the tragic loss of lives; cut short by the
heart-breaking actions of all too common human malevolence.

I, it should be added, include those of my fellow Americans who joined
said free-speech actions, as a counter,  reminding  us all; of the
importance of BOTH the First and Second Amendments.

I was too busy, in part due to a business interruption caused by human
malevolence, directed at me several days earlier. Getting caught-up,
proved to be more vital, than trotting the few blocks down the street,
to Austin City Hall complex, and gathering some digital audio, to
produce a show on this fractious issue

Look for it though; in next several days. In the meantime, here is
what my observations would have been to all those present.

You with the 2nd Amendment folks and AR15s slung over a shoulder,
SHAME ON YOU. If any of you pot-bellied arrested adolescence’s, were
to show up to a restaurant like this, ANYONE, with a head screwed on
right, and their kids in tow, would and should freak!

TO ALL THE [Please Stop All Gun Violence Forever!!] crowd..I hope I
can, in time, peel off a few of you ,to join me in a real, and true
‘Integral Response’ to gun deaths, in this following manner.

I, when able, plan to initiate a new national plan to address these
tragic life losses beginning in Americas inner-cities,

A Marshall Plan of sorts it shall be. Imagine folks like Sen Bernie
Sanders and Dr Cornel West, on hand, in Chicago, let’s say, to
advocate for infrastructure spending, in service of providing ‘Living
Wage’ supporting work, to all those who will [with only a GED] even,
apply for them.

And now, without checking even, the bit, my above listed
‘Left-Progressive’ people are less likely to want to listen to.

KABC-LA radio’s Larry Elder , Colin Powell, maybe Dr Ben Carson even,
to advocate for -for brevity’s sake here- the “OK..Stop blaming
slavery, racism, white supremacy, or for that
matter….ANYTHING,,,ANYONE, apart from you…YOURSELF, for a your
‘hard life’!

The social science literature on U.S. poverty, is in, for sometime
more…IT IS NOT JUST OK TO ‘SNITCH’ on your ‘black’ or ANY other
‘neighbors’ ..IT IS YOUR DUTY….Silly!!”


The most safe space is within Free-Speech

Kudos to Lewis Black for discovering- if in a meandering and tepid fashion- the central role played by free speech in the maintenance of a democratic civil society.

The current chaos felt by most of us since last Nov 8 has more than a few of our fellow country folk shouting down constitutionally protected ‘hate speech’ and swinging bike locks at ‘fascists’.

If Mr. Black and the rest of us can successfully rehabilitate the notion of moral absolutes: who knows?

Maybe we can even start having a little gratitude for this opportunity to engage in earnest conversations about our collective future.

Put this paper down now, and go seek out a conversation with a friend that could not be more different than you politically. Stick a sock in your ‘feelings’ and really listen to her/him. See if you can learn something.

I dare you.

A robust commitment to the self-evident morality of free-expression – if a bitter pill for some- offers our best chance of arriving at a more just and equitable America.

When any of us begins to equate speech that we do not like, with ‘violence’; we slip down a slope where it is too easy to swing bike locks at another in defense of a utopia only we can see.

Will the ushering in of a New Age require any: Übermensch of Kallipolis?

Ken Wilber, for sure, is a brilliant force of nature. Like most of us though, he also suffers from some ,on occasion, blind-spots in his awareness of self. This is becoming evident to more than a few of us, the author of this below piece, included:


I chose this piece for its deferential, yet critical tone. Look for me to take a similar tone as I begin the long work of getting, to the degree I am able,  two particular camps to form a healthy synergy. ‘Integral Folks’ and those of us committed to exploring the developmental and more academically rigorous legacy of the late Dr Claire W Graves.[Dr Don Beck’s old scholar partner] have, I very much believe ,no less than the keys that will unlock the future of humankind.

I intend to devote a large part of my remaining life , and new media brand, to this task. radiozeitgeist.com/

Who will be the successor to Noam Chomsky?

It doesn’t necessarily have to be an academic with the intellectual capacity to take forward the ideas of how societies are best served that have been articulated by Dr Chomsky. Just someone who understands the nature of power and the potential of abuse of power when unrestrained. I think Glenn Greenwald might be that person. I saw them together on stage one time and their arguments, though different in perspective, were seamless.

Tom replies:
We do not need more endless explorations of the numerous horrors humans have visited on other humans, as our species traces its evolutionary trajectory. No more prizes for predicting the rain, only prizes for building the ark. Chomsky, suffering from the limitations of his reducing all to the power relations between individuals within societies, as his ilk typically does; misses the telos at work here. One day I hope to square off with him on how wrong he is in his estimation of the work of GWF Hegel. His refusal to acknowledge a world-process [i.e. Spirit] at play here, for me, is what leads to his never-ending iterations on E Timor, US power, etc, without ever giving any practical advise, on reaching a more equitable humankind.

What the 2017 Democratic Party can learn from Vince Lombardi.

“The greatest accomplishment is not in never falling, but in rising again after you fall.” Vince Lombardi

Professional sports teams, due to the heavy investments in procuring the IDEAL WINNING line-up, have little fear in making necessary course corrections. The Democratic Party has done little ,it seems to me, apart from BLAMING EVERYTHING, EVERYONE else, in lieu of the requisite soul-searching needed to begin a long process in digging itself out of a hole. The hole created last Nov 8, by the most abysmal crushing it has suffered from the GOP since 1928. What gives?

CHOICES: Personal and Political

A new friend of mine rose up this afternoon, and in a huff, excused himself from our weekly philosophy group. This was a continuation of some group tension, that first arose last week as I worked to explain my 18 month support of Sen Bernie Sanders ,culminating in an eventual vote for Donald Trump. I have decided that it is not my job any longer, to justify this to those that are clearly just still processing understandable upset, at having gotten behind such a flawed candidate. It will now be on all of you, to explain how you let yourself be fooled into ignoring the populist ardor that had been so on display since the spring of 2015.


In the Spirit of this Winter Solstice season; I wish to offer up a tale tonight to my Sisters and Brothers so authentically passionate concerning the subject of #BlackLivesMatter. Here in my home of Austin, Texas- only minutes ago- I was approached by an officer of APD [Austin Police Dept.] and asked ‘out of the blue’ to speak softer and I quote “..move around..”. The dear friend that had stepped away for a moment- missing this whole exchange -asked why I had missed an opportunity to- having been ‘innocent’ of anything- make an issue of this. I told him that having observed this officer; who had just driven up near this friend’s apt. complex to- I suspect- investigate some complaint- looked like a man needing to do something. I let him do something. I answered something like: ‘Right On, God Bless’ and he returned to his squad car and left.